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PASA Scholarship

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File Downloads for  2018

General Scholarship requirements

Scholarship application form - High School 

Scholarship application form - Technical    

Scholarship application form - Continuing Education   

Service hours form     

Deadline for 2018 Application - Post marked by May 1


Congratulations to our recent Scholarship Winners

  Eric Costa
Noelle Schneider
Eric Costa
  University of South Florida
USF - Tampa FL
Florida Gulf Coast University
Ft. Myers - FL
Ashley Carvalho
Margarida Phelan
Amanda Oliveira
Norwich University
Northfield, VT
Florida State University
FSU - Tallahassee FL
Central Florida University
UCF - Orlando FL
Stephanie Costa
Kevin Matos
Ana Batista
Central Florida University
UCF - Orlando FL
National Aviation Academy
NAA  - Clearwater FL
University of South Florida
USF - Tampa FL

Deadline for 2018 Application - Post marked by May 1

PASA offers three types of scholarships for students entering or enrolled in a higher education institution: ·        


High School Scholarship – for high school seniors entering College, in the amount of up to $1,000 ·        


Continuing Education Scholarship – for college students already enrolled in college, in the amount of up to $1,000 ·        


Technical Scholarship – for high school seniors, or students already enrolled in a trade/vocational or multi-year institution, in the amount of up to $500.

Each type has specific requirements.  A student may only receive one lifetime scholarship, but may reapply every year if has not yet received one.  Awards are normally presented at the yearly “Day in Portugal” celebration in June. If there are no applicants the funds will remain in the Scholarship Fund.


Applicant needs to complete the form corresponding to the eligibility requirements. Basic Requirements for any of the three types include:


The applicant must be a legal child or grandchild of Portuguese descent who is a paid PASA member, active for at least the past two full consecutive calendar years.


The applicant is not a previous recipient of a PASA scholarship.


Minimum GPA, as listed on the form Acceptance/enrollment in higher education institution


20 Service hours (see details in the form)

The applicants may be interviewed by the scholarship selection committee.  This committee reserves the right to select the scholarship recipients based on highest academic achievement and service.  If applicant is awarded a scholarship, the scholarship money will be disbursed to the Educational institution, within a month after receiving the award, via bank check in the name of the recipient and institution, or according to the institution requirements.  In a case of withdrawal, any unused funds shall be returned to PASA.

Applications without all complete documents will be disqualified. Questions may be addressed to the scholarship director, by mail, by phone, or by e-mail.  It is the sole responsibility of the applicant to provide all required information and to confirm with the scholarship director that all the information and documents have been received.  All documents must be attached to the application and must be mailed in one packet via USPS  to the Scholarship director of the Portuguese American Suncoast Association at the address below:                                  

Portuguese American Suncoast Association

46th Avenue N                                

St. Petersburg, FL 33709                                

ATT: Scholarship Director